History of Much Games

Much Games started launch in September, 2001 with the idea of a cheat code site from the mind of Ryan Bragg (avrilfannf), Matthew Cole (ColeNL112), and Mike Thorne (Co-Founder, Member 2001-2011). Ryan came up with the idea of having the site, while Matthew came up with the name after a brain storm session with Ryan. Mike came up with the initial design.

While the site originally organized cheats from the GameCube, N64, Playstation, and Playstation 2 consoles, they did expand to every console that did come put from Nintendo Entertainment System, up until Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Getting the site established was not an easy thing to do, but the three co-founders managed to find time out of their busy High School and College schedules to do so.

After the first year, another member was added to help with the cheats. Daniel Martin was introduced to the group through Matthew, and became great friends with everyone in the group. He did add a lot of codes for some of the consoles.

Network Sites were added in 2005 starting with a Need for Speed, and Legend of Zelda pages. Soon more sites started up like Final Fantasy, Max Payne and Chrono Cross. The sites only lasted about a year, as a lot of work on them were taking time off of working on the site itself. They were all abolished in place of Strategy Guides 1 year later.

Other items added to the site were GameShark and Action Replay codes, and a forum used for anything gaming related. Promotion was not the best thing done with the forum, but they did moderate it and posted gaming news on it as well.

In 2006, the best idea from Matthew, Ryan, and Mike came through. The Much Games Hall of Fame, which 10 games gets inducted into the Hall of Fame each year. The first year was more of a trial year in which case the first time games on a list actually were inducted. From 2007 to the present, the rules were changed that each games has to be released a minimum of 5 years, and no two games, (like Mario Games for example) cannot be entered during the same year. This increased a lot of other options for other games to be inducted.

In 2010, an idea sparked out of the minds of Matthew and Ryan to start a YouTube Channel to promote the site a lot more. This cancels the need to have write up strategy guides and show people who to complete games that they play. This was the birth of Much Games Guides. Matthew, known as Cole to everyone on YouTube, was the first person to upload on the channel with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, while Ryan started Super Mario World.

Ryan asked one Newfiebangaa to join the group with the help of establishing the channel. His first Let’s Play for MGG, Castlevania, did bring a lot of attention to the channel, making the group grow from 8 to 68 subs in one day.

This did attract some interest as other people wanted to join the group. Most of those members from the channel are no longer part of the group. This was also the same for Mike Thorne as he left Much Games to pursue a career elsewhere. This gave complete control of the site to both Matthew and Ryan.

Much Games did welcome a new member, and first female member in the group as Colette, wife of Cole, joined the group. The first official co-op was New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This not only started the LPing career of Colette (ColetteNL180), but 2 months later, Cole (ColeNL112) started his channel, and started off slowly with it. This is also were the official name, The Much Games Crew was originated.

The four members were doing their best to not only promote themselves on YouTube, but promote a site as well. In 2012, the Much Games Guides YouTube Channel really took off in membership, adding SamuraiTX90 and ZeoLightning as well as other members that are no longer apart of the channel. The total doubled from 4 members to 8. In 2013, more members were added, including LPGrodus, and TehJew22. By the end of 2013, the total number of members reached 11. By 2014, there were a few more members that left, and replaced by other members. Sephiroth1204, Old World Gamer, and TruWho82 were also added as members, and are strongly willing to not only help promote themselves, but join a group that helps others in the Let’s Play community as well.

There will be more history made within Much Games itself. What started as a cheat code site now turned into a full Let’s Play site, with more interaction from the crew members, and even the Let’s Play community as well.