The Crew

This is where you can get up close on personal with the Members of the Much Games Guides Youtube Page. Get to know each member by reading a bio written by each member and click their avatar to visit their Youtube channel.




Ryan Bragg

Hey What’s up everyone my name Ryan Bragg formally known as Avrilfannf on Youtube. I am a Canadian Let’s Player and been doing this since 2008 so far it’s been a amazing 6 years and continuing to entertain the people. I tend to LP RPGs and platformers but also cover other genre’s as I like to have wide range of games. I also do weekly updates and will soon get into Vlogs. Well to be honest the Updates are basically that. I Let’s Play games from my past that I grew up with and even games I never play before even if I never heard of them before. I also tend to take some requests from my fans and viewers. I am one of the founders of this site and also Much Games Guides Youtube Channel which has been a great experience for me since 2001 when me and Colenl112 started and continue to do so today. Rather then list all my Let’s Plays I will simply link my channel here so you can all check it out. As I always like to say the people you meet in life give you a life time of experiences even if they are bad cherish the memories you have in life and to quote the late Casey Kasem “Keep reaching for the stars.”









Hey everyone, the bio of ColeNL112 here. I am a Canadian Let’s Player and co-founder of and Much Games Guides
(The Much Games Crew on YouTube). I enjoy LPing games from my past, and games that really challenge me. I do a lot of
blind Let’s Plays as well. Started my LPing career in 2010, and started my own channel in the summer of 2011. Here is
the list of all solo Let’s Plays I have done in my Let’s Play Career:










Newfie is a Let’s Player who started in September of 2008. Once restricted to just NES games, he was able to get more equipment in Christmas of that year. As a result, his LP library expanded from SNES, to even Sony Playstation 1 LPs. And years later, upon getting a Dazzle Capture Card as a gift, he’s able to produce content from his consoles as well, such as the Wii (that still runs Gamecube games), and his Sony Playstation 2. Known for his rather wide variety of projects, NewfieBangaa provides a bit of entertainment for everyone…well, almost everyone. In the past he was known to have a massive daily upload schedule peaking at 10 videos in the past, as well as filthy language that seems tamed now. Genres he excels in would be platformers, RPGs, action games, and kiddy games just to have his fanbase question his taste. Genres that he doesn’t excel in would be tactical RPGs, sports games, and detective-style games. To this day, NewfieBangaa continues to be consistent in his uploading schedule, usually doing anywhere between 1-3 projects at a time, and listens to his commenters if they have anything positive to say. Whether it’s constructive criticism, or words of praise, he gives his fanbase a voice. Newfie also contributes to the Much Games YT channel with individual projects, as well as multiplayer projects that often lead to more antics than gameplay.







Hey everybody your hostess Colette here, with my own personal bio of who I am. I love to sing, and take care of others,
and I am a Let’s Player on YouTube as well. I started my LPing career with my husband Cole, NewfieBangaa, and Ryan Bragg.
I started my own channel in 2012. I have not done a lot of solo Let’s Plays, but I have done a good amount of co-ops.
Check them out. Also check out my channel as well.










Hey guys and girls, TehJew22 here and I have been a member of the crew since March of 2013. I’ve been a fan of Much Games Guides since 2012 and more so of NewfieBangaa since 2009. It was through Bangaa, that I found out about the Much Games channel and its’ stars. Since that time, I have become friends with ColeNL112, ColetteNL180 and Ryan Bragg (formerly known as Avrilfannf) and later LPGrodus. On my own channel, I Let’s Play games there are fun and I have a great time doing it. I am also very informative on how to get the most of playing the game. And I’m a big fan of wrestling (WWE among others) and as such, I have a wrestling series (that features a mix of real wrestlers and my created wrestlers, including several members of the crew) and I have a lot of fun with it.
My advice to new Let’s Players is to have fun. It is not to be taken seriously and it should not be a chore. Relax, if you need to. But also, interact with your fans and subscribers as much as you can. Thank you and have a nice day.









“Hey everybody LPGrodus is the name, I’m a Swedish Let’s Player and is referred as a frog on Youtube. Been Let’s Playing for 2+ years and tends to LP RPGs and platformers but not limited to these genre’s as I like to have variety. I Let’s Play games from my childhood to games I recently discovered as well as games I have never played before. On much game I tend to tick to games I have played but never beaten before but I’m also doing games I’ve beaten before from time to time. Stay Froggy every one and I hope you’ll enjoy!”











Hello everybody, it’s Sephiroth1204! I’m a Let’s Player also known by Dovi or Sephie, and dabble in drawing and psychology. I’ve been playing video games since the early 90’s, I’ve been doing Let’s Play videos since April of 2011 and do mostly RPGs and the weird and strange. I’m part of a collaboration channel called TheSephiWraith, but have also joined MuchGames recently. I start random things like Pants-On-Head Week, Box-On-Head Week and Let’s Create in Scribblenauts Unlimited. My goal is to put a smile on your face and maybe show you a few things to help your playthrough of a game. Stay awesome.











British/Caribbean Let’s Player, presenting you with games of my past and probably yours too.













Sup Peep’s. My Name Is ZeoLightning. On my channel you can expect Let’s plays, Blind Playthroughs, Sparta Remix’s, Custom Music, Speed Runs and even Video Game Challenges and more. I consider myself a jack of all trades, and i try my best to give Quality entertainment. i hope you enjoy your stay =)













Hey there, I’m MrMovees87! I’m an avid fan of retro RPG’s as well as old school platformers. I’ve been a Let’s Player for around 5 years
now and have been working on making a jump to higher end console and PC games as well.